Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is Taking His Healing And Miracle Ministry To Zimbabwe On May

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Is Taking His Healing And Miracle Ministry To Zimbabwe On May

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome (Ph.D.) is an anointed man of God. Many titles such as healer, mentor, teacher, TV host and inspirational writer go a long way in describing a man who has spent the last 25 years of his ministering the word of God to people from every corner of the world. Chris Oyakhilome has guided multitudes into experiencing the real power of the word of God. Through faith and prayer, he has helped alleviate the suffering of many families which have received their fair share of miracles and healing.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has authored a good number of inspirational and devotional books. Rhapsody of Realities is one of his bestsellers that has crossed hundreds of borders and translated into 800 languages so that no one is left behind in the ministry of the truth. The Christ Embassy, which is the church under which the pastor ministers commands one of biggest congregations in the continent. The church has been able to conduct colossal crusades such as the Night of Bliss that attract over 3.5 million worshippers who come to receive their share of God’s healing and favor.

The Christ Embassy has outgrown its humble beginnings in Nigeria and now boasts of an international presence in three nations namely the UK, Nigeria and South Africa. The church commands three satellite stations with round the clock ministry that has positively impacted on the lives of many with the great news of salvation. The broadcast has now been extended to mobile platforms so as to reach even more people.

The anointed one, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is expected to take his fellowship to the country of Zimbabwe. The fellowship shall be a special Worship and Communion gospel session that will be held in the month of May 2017. The crusade is an inaugural gospel meeting of the pastor in the country of Zimbabwe.

During his famous gospel meeting called the Night of Bliss that took place in the capital city of South Africa, the Man of God prophesized that come 2017, the same meeting will be held in Harare Stadium, Zimbabwe.

Millions of paper are eagerly waiting for the historic event, and many hope to receive miracles and to heal through the word of God. The event is expected to happen on the 7th day of the month May 2017 as from 2.00pm local time. The venue for the event shall be Harare Stadium so as to accommodate the multitude of worshippers that will be expected.

For all those who plan to attend the event, they first have to register to get an entry permission into the venue. Registered participants can get involved in the day’s event in several ways.

  • They can access the stadium for a live participation on the crusade.
  • They can access live proceedings of the crusade in any of the authorized viewing centers.
  • They can be part of the meeting through a live stream on the official website of the church.
  • They can watch the live happenings on their mobile phones through the church’s mobile app.

All these platforms shall be exclusively available to registered users. This shall be one of the few meetings that one can get spiritual nourishment and healing.

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